Why Us ?

Based on experience in repairs, replacement spareparts that we use are of the best quality.

The mobile phone repair process is in accordance with the queue number.

We provide guarantees for mobile phone repair according to the damage.

Our mobile phone repair prices are standart in the market and negotiable.

Who we are ?

We are a DMS which was established in 2014 engaged in mobile phone repair, located in Medan - North Sumatra, Indonesia. With several profesionnal technicians, who are experienced in their fields. The results of the mobile phone repairs we make have been felt by our customers, so our customers feel satisfied and impressed by providing references to friends and family that have made us who we are today.
We are very grateful to our customers who have helped reference the results of our mobile phone repairs. In addition to the skills we have, honesty in repairing mobile phone is our priority. With our honesty in repairing mobile phone, our customers are increasingly trusted and loyal until today.

What we prove ?

We analyze damage to mobile phones carefully and are assisted with complete equipment so that diagnosing mobile phone damage does not cause damage to other components. We really believe that with the expertise we have, we can repair all mobile phone damage. We will also provide warranty repair of the customers mobile phone for the same damage.
We will also discuss with the customer first before executing damage to the customers mobile phone. As well as providing the best advice to customers regarding mobile phone damage. Trust us as an personal Technicians to fix your phone, friends and family, because we will protect the data on your phone. And you will see the intensity in our work and the magic in our hands.